My name is Gurdeep married to beautiful wife, father of two beautiful kids and I hold Certificate in kyela sound healing therapy as well as Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Kyela sound healing therapy. I also hold certification in group sound meditation.
My personal development journey started when I started meditation by my self and this ignite my life long passion to help others. lately I found that to help others I need to help myself first. Because of Meditations I started to listen my intuitions which guided me to dive deep in vibrations and frequencies. Then I found Kyela methodology which helped me to learn this technique and helped me a lot to remove all mental, emotional and generational blockages and limiting beliefs from my bio-field and subconscious. We are all a work in progress and I continually strive to create and be the best version of myself.
This personal growth journey has resulted in a commitment to help others overcome their personal health issues, past traumas, limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety and depression. I am passionate about facilitating positive change and helping my clients to discover and create their true potential.

Contact me:
M: 0469807698
E: [email protected]

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